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Your present position is:>> Introduction of SanYou

    Taizhou Sanyou international hotel is designed and managed as international four-star standard hotel, and it is invested by Sanyou Holding Group. Ii is located in the good lot of Luqiao Taizhou, so it’s convenient.
    Hotel constructs area of about 23,000 square meters, with all kinds of 147 of large ,translucent, exquisite deluxe guest rooms, more than 1,000 seats, including 34 luxury suites in different styles of catering, banquet hall, restaurant and full-scale KTV, sauna center, chess center, book club, shopping malls, international conference center and other ancillary hotel facilities.
    Since opened on January 18, 2006, Sanyou has been adhering to the inclusive, unique innovative business ideas, complemented by people-oriented, scientific and strict management objectives. In the core values of pursuing excellence and self-challenging, Sanyou owns the hospitable service and a new experience to display our new looking and unique concept to all walks of life, it does a lot of contributions to Taizhou’s economic development!
    In the last four years of intense competition, Sanyou successfully received many important meetings, held conferences of product release for many enterprises, also won a number of stable loyalty customers. The Sanyous will depend on their diligent and innovation to display a good image window for tourism reception, set up a good reputation for development of regional economy.

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